5 Trending Gifts for Home Decor Lovers

by Josephine Papse October 06, 2018

With the holidays approaching SO fast, we've spent the last few weeks scouring the internet for unique gifts, and ordering items to to see how they hold up in person. Here are our 5 favorite products for the upcoming holiday season:


We think this is the cutest trend of the season! We have a pretty large blended family, and for the most part we still live in harmony :). We know there are a lot of blended families out there, so this is the perfect piece of decor for them.

This canvas is 100% made in the USA and ships from the local shop in Georgia. The designers are all based in the USA as well (the lead designer is based in Los Angeles). It's available in both framed & unframed options (but the framed is really the way to go - it's canvas wrapped around a wood frame, so it's ready to hang when you get it).

Buy it here.

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This one is from UncommonGoods, a site which I'm completely in LOVE with! This product is so amazing it brings a tear to my eye. Basically, you and a loved one each have this lamp, and when one person turns it on with a touch of the hand, it emits an ambient glow to the other lamp...no matter how far away it is!

You can stay in touch in a non-intrusive way with someone across the globe. Perfect for grandparents and grandchildren, college children who are abroad, best friend, etc. I love this item!

Buy it here.


This is the perfect gift for someone who's feeling homesick, or nostalgic about a time in their life. You can choose your state, and the scent is formulated specifically to embody that state's culture. 

We LOVE all the scents we tried (Texas, Florida, South Carolina, and New York) and the minimal black & white branding sits well in any room and any style of interior decor. It's also a guaranteed conversation started and the perfect git (who doesn't feel nostalgic once in awhile?).

Buy it here.


Any foodies in the house? This makes the perfect gift for that fancy gal who throws wine and cheese parties. The custom engraving makes it a timeless gift. This is a seller on ETSY who has perfect reviews and over 12,000 transactions. We received ours within a week and it came out beautiful! We had a dinner party and got tons of compliments on it!

Buy it here.


This is such as statement piece for your living room. From the site Joss & Main, one of our favorite best-kept secrets, this item is sure to turn heads and goes perfectly in any rustic-style setting. 

The price is also pretty affordable for such a big, bold, statement piece. If you have a room that needs that extra "umph" we recommend considering this!

Buy it here.

That's it for this piece. We'll be updating this list as we come across more cool ideas and will continue to come out with posts to help you find the perfect items for you and your family!

Josephine Papse
Josephine Papse